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Enhanced safety while bike riding in the colder months begins with proper lighting. The days are shorter, and commutes home from work are usually in the dark. The Sigma BrakeLight is an all-new invention designed to clamp onto any caliper brake system or linear pull v-brake system using nothing more than a 2.5mm allen wrench.

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Fits: SCOOT, SCOOT XL, TOOTOO, and any other bike with V-brakes or caliper brakes. (Will not work on drum style brakes found on FirstBike, Muna or similar)

The BRAKELIGHT attaches to the brake cable with a rounded brass screw that will not cause damage to the cable nor impair its function. Brass is softer than steel, is non-corrosive, and is weather resistant.

The Brakelight comes in white, green, blue, red, and black. Thanks to this broad range of colors, the right safety light can be found for any bicycle.

Change the battery with just a coin – no tools required. The lock and unlock symbol make it easy to install the battery door correctly to ensure that water stays out.

  • Attaches to all cable actuated mechanical brakes
  • Clearly visible, red brake LED during use
  • Durable, water-resistant housing
  • Installs with 2.5mm hex wrench, found on all standard bike tools
  • LED brake light with replaceable CR 1025 button cell battery
  • Rounded brass screw to protect the brake cable

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Burn Time

Approx. 200 h steady, or approx. 100,000 braking processes 


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