2019 US Edition Ridgeback Scoot

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Upgraded and improved for 2019!

Real bikes not toys! Scoot’s perfectly proportioned 6061 aluminum frame provides the best fit for comfort and control. Scoot’s rear hand brake provides an early understanding of how to safely slow down and stop.

Here’s what’s new for 2019 models:

  • NEW!: Exciting new decal designs!
  • NEW!: Lower profile acorn nuts on the axles!
  • NEW!: Exact match touch-up paint included! (Please keep out of reach of children)
  • NEW!: Free assembly tools included: 5/6mm Allen wrench and multi wrench for wheels
  • NEW!: Upgraded premium hand-brake lever with alloy body, 
  • NEW!: Angled valve stems for easy inflation/top-off of air in tires.
  • NEW!: Upgraded tires with all-terrain tread pattern can be used on any surface
  • NEW!: Large moist handwipe included with every bike for hand cleaning after assembly

Uvex youth helmet * 

$20 helmet offer

Upgraded Seat Clamp * 

Optionally upgrade your seat clamp at a discounted price

Premium Multi-tool * 

Optionally include a premium multi-tool at a discounted price

Brakelight by Sigma * 

Optionally include a brake light at a discounted price

Compass Bell * 

Optionally include a bell at a discounted price

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Balance is quickly learned without the distraction of pedaling!

The world-renowned Ridgeback SCOOT Balance Bike is designed to meet the challenging demands of kids age 3-6. Scoot’s perfectly proportioned 6061 aluminum frame provides the best fit for comfort and control. Scoot’s rear hand brake provides an early understanding of how to safely slow down and stop. Supplied with two seatposts for a seat range of 14″ to 20″, Scoot accommodates children age 3 to 6 (Ridgeback-Kids-Size-Chart). Specifications include a inflated rubber tires and fully serviceable bearings throughout. The handsomely stitched saddle incorporates a handy carrying handle for convenience and Scoot’s domed wheel nuts and alloy V-brake complete the safety package.

How Scoot works:

Without the complication of pedals, children are able to narrow their focus on stabilizing themselves and walking the bike. With a little practice, children gradually propel themselves with more confidence and speed. Eventually, forward momentum becomes sufficient to overcome gravity and balance is achieved! Ridgeback Scoot is well equipped for kids to safely practice shifting their body weight and correctly leaning into corners at speed. Once momentum, balance and cornering are mastered, proceeding to a conventional bike with pedals (without training wheels) is a simple formality. Congratulations! Scoot is going to build your child’s confidence, place them years ahead of their peers, and put them on the fast track to successful bike riding.

Specifications & Safety Features

  • Aluminum wheels and full bearing hubs
  • Rounded dome nuts on wheels
  • Superior Aluminum V-brake
  • Adjustable reach child-specific brake lever (now positioned on the right hand side)
  • Internally routed brake cable for clean lines
  • Finely upholstered saddle with integrated carrying handle
  • Quick release seatpost clamp (can be upgraded to premium 1 of 6 colors)
  • Two seatposts included for growing kids
  • Long wheelbase and low center of gravity for stability & comfort
  • Built by a real bicycle company and safety tested per Bicycle Safety Protocol (not a toy)
  • Decals protected under the topcoat (no stickers that peel)
  • Industry standard components easily serviced by any bike shop


NOTE: None of our balance bikes are provided with valve stem caps due to serious choking hazard

Additional information


6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame


Inflated all-terrain rubber tires by Vee Rubber


11 pounds (recommended for children min. 33+ lbs)

Seat Height

Range: 14" to 20" (recommended for children with min. 14" inseam)

Weight Limit

No weight limit! Strong enough to support an adult.


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