May is Bike Month.

The weather is great- and it feels amazing to be outside.

And it always feels good to get your body moving and feel some fresh air inside your lungs.

There must be a hundred reasons to get out and ride.

Not that we NEED reasons to ride, but right about now- everything just feels…


Anyway… Since 1956, The League of American Bicyclists has sponsored “National Bike Month” every May in an effort to encourage more people to ride bikes. To that end, there are events and special “days” – like “Ride Your Bike to Work Day” on May 18th– scheduled across the country. The organization promotes the social aspect of cycling while forwarding the “cycling is environmentally friendly” theme. Check out for events.

At Legaci Bikes, we say, “Why only May?”

So what if you missed “Ride Your Bike to School Day” last week. You can still ride your bike to school. Maybe you can’t ride your bike to work on Friday. Maybe you CAN ride your bike to the store on Saturday. Be a non-conformist. Ride without a reason. Ride because riding is fun.

By all means, if you haven’t already started, then May is as good a time as any to get a bike and RIDE. If you have little kids in your life, get them started. Kids as young as eighteen months can ride a balance bike. Now is the perfect time to share your enjoyment (perhaps more accurately, LOVE) of cycling with the younger generation.