My first balance bike purchase was for my grandson. He (and his bike) are featured in a few of our photos on Facebook and Instagram. Our initial intention was to give it to him on his second birthday. Instead, we gave we gave it to him three months earlier (May) with the hope that he would have longer to enjoy the bike that summer.

We decided on a Yedoo TooToo for him. The TooToo turned out to be a great choice for him.

What balance bike is best for your beginner? With so many options available, it can be overwhelming when your initial thought process sounds like mine did at the time… “Let’s buy him a Strider.”

Yet, once you start looking around, there are so many choices! At Legaci Bikes, we feel that we offer a solid range of GREAT bikes at varying price points and offering different options. The fact is, when you buy from us, there is no bad choice!

As it is said, our best customer is an educated or consumer. That said, here are some details on a few of the bikes we offer.

Strider Sport 12 is our basic introductory-type bike. These steel-framed bikes do not have pneumatic rubber tires, nor do they have hand brakes. However, the popularity of the Strider cannot be denied! The Strider Sport 12 is offered in six colors. With a wheel size of 12”, this bike is a good choice for children 2+. The cost is low- and if price is a consideration, the Strider model we sell offers the best options available for the price.

Muna balance bikes, like Strider, have a steel frame. Muna, however, adds pneumatic rubber tires as well as a handbrake to their 12” bike. Recommended for children ages 2 and up, the Muna has an adjustable seat with a range from 13” to 17”. The Muna is a lighter bike, weighing 11 lbs, making it easy for a small rider to ride without getting too tired too quickly!

The Yedoo TooToo has a minimum seat height of 12”, which makes it a solid choice when the rider is a little smaller/younger. The ergonomically designed seat maxes out at a height of 18”. Also made of steel, this bike stands apart with a weight of only 8.2 pounds! This bike also features a handbrake and pneumatic tires. It is offered in seven colors- with optional upgraded seat clamps (more colors!), brake lights, and bells at discounted prices.

The Ridgeback Scoot is a great option for children a little older/taller with a minimum seat height of 14”, the Scoot has an aluminum frame and weighs 10.7 lbs. Recommended for ages 2.5 to 6, the Scoot adds internal cables to neaten their look, as well serviceable bearings throughout. The Scoot is also offered with optional discounted upgrades on its product page.

Prevelo Alpha Zero, a premium brand balance bike, features an aluminum frame with pro-style elements like aluminum forks and internal cable routing. This balance bike also has a v-handbrake and pneumatic tires. With a weight of just 8.5 lbs and sleek silver coloring, the Prevelo Alpha Zero is sure to impresss!

These are just five of the remarkable balance bikes offered at! Visit us and investigate the options available!