While the name “Legaci Bikes” may be new to the balance bike industry, the history behind the company spans three decades. A western New York native, Legaci Bikes owner Todd Scheske began racing competitively during the late 1980s. It was during this time that Todd met Ivan Altinbasek, a native of NYC that had moved upstate with his family.

Brought together by their love for bike racing, Ivan and Todd raced together as juniors in their local cycling club, the Genesee Valley Cycling Club. Soon, as members of the “Monroe Athletic/Towners” team, the two began to travel together to compete in races throughout the northeast. By 1989, the two had become friends and both made the decision to try cyclocross. At the time, cyclocross was a burgeoning discipline and there were no races within a five hour drive from Rochester, NY. Todd and Ivan decided that they would drive together to Milwaukee, WI to compete at the cyclocross nationals. In preparation, the two trained each other by reading magazines, and setting up courses in local park trails. Riding their road bikes that were not suited for the off-road conditions, the two worked to create what they believed a cyclocross race would be. Even as young men, Todd and Ivan were looking for new things and pushing new limits well ahead of everyone else. Today, cyclocross has become a hugely popular segment of the cycling community and continues to grow.

By 1990, the team had become PEKO/Monroe Athletic as Todd and Ivan expanded their presence at races throughout the northeastern US. Over the next few years, racing bikes is put on the ‘back burner’ as other ‘life things’ become a priority seeing both men pursue careers in manufacturing. Todd then returned to racing in 1994 and over the next few years, he expands his racing to an international level with events in South America as well as the United States.

From the roots of Handlebars Cycle Company bike shop, Preferred Care Cycling was founded in 2002. As part of this venture, Todd and the team began conducting bicycle rodeos for local youth including groups such as the YMCA and inner city Boy Scout troops. The following year, Legaci Cycling Productions was formed by Todd for the purpose of race event promotion as well as competitive level coaching.

While Todd continued to pursue his lifelong passion for cycling in various avenues, Ivan continued to be successful on his own path and returned to racing himself in 2001.   Ivan’s company, Wee Bike Shop began selling top Euro brand balance bikes in 2007 and Ivan solidified a foot hold as he stood on the forefront of the balance bike industry. Since launching his business ten years ago, Ivan has seen firsthand the growth in popularity of balance bikes as children as young as eighteen months have experienced early success at mastering bike skills beyond learning to balance.  Ivan extended his presence in cycling by forming his own branded team in 2008 as well and has seen is distinguish itself earning wins all through the northeast.

Two years later in 2009, Todd’s racing team becomes MVP Healthcare Cycling and goes forward with an international level women’s team.  By this time, Todd’s rodeo program was well established and by 2013 he was booked all spring with requests.  At program end, the program had directly connected with nearly 10,000 kids spreading the message of bike safety.

During this time Legaci Cycling continued to become a recognizable brand and expanded to international level coaching, all while Todd continued to coach athletes that medaled at national championships and more recently world championships and setting world records.

In 2015, Ivan’s now nationally recognized import and distribution Wee Bikes Shop relocated to San Diego, California and connected with Todd on a professional level to provide coaching services. The discussions the two had during this time became the groundwork for what eventually developed into Legaci Bikes. Already well established in the business, Ivan’s passion for the business fed Todd’s continued desire to promote cycling to a younger audience.

That same year, Todd pursued a world championship and while not winning a championship, he solidified his place as a world-class cyclist. Two years later, Legaci Bikes has launched as a dealer under Wee Bike Shop

Today both are working together in both a distributor-dealer cooperation and a coach-athlete collaboration. The stores market and sell an extensive assortment of the best children’s bike brands from Europe and both men still race bikes competitively. With this strong collaboration Wee Bike Shop and Legaci Bikes are bringing cycling to a broader audience while bolster our collective success.