YES, balance bikes!  Legaci comes from a long tradition in cycling where we were junior bike racers, then pro-am racers who evolved into community partners teaching kids bicycle safety as part of our elite sponsored racing teams.  We also began to coach all levels of athletes and now we’ve combined that passion and history to usher in the next generation, and get them on bikes at an early age and learning to actually ride bicycles.

Why not tricycles?  Because, kids don’t actually learn to ride bicycles then and tricycles are difficult to pedal.The same goes for training wheels as well.  We want to see kids learn to actually ride – and they can at even 18 months old!  On balance bike kids gain confidence quickly and learn real riding skills on how to balance.  The pedaling comes later and is a much simpler task when they already have great maneuvering skills!

Teaching kids and providing cycling opportunities is in our blood.  We LOVE this sport and have for over 31 years!  Being able to be involved at this level is exciting and we look forward to sharing our insights and experience with you.

As part of sharing our passion, we are offering what we believe are great brands for you to choose from.  Whether you are more price sensitive or looking for a real dialed machine for your emerging cyclist, we have something for you to consider.  That is why we carry a range from Strider brand to the Yedoo TooToo and Ridgeback Scoot model and are adding an intermediate Muna brand.   We aren’t Amazon, but we offer a bike that is setup by a professional with passion for cycling.  Sending out a balance bike for your child is something we take pride in. We want you and your child to have the best experience and build great memories now and for a lifetime of riding.

Have a question?  Call us or email us!  We’d love to hear from you.  Want to review models?  See excellent reviews on