About Us

At Legaci Bikes we are more than bikes... we are the next generation of cyclists.

Legaci evolved from years of competitive cycling, and along the way, we have developed a vision toward providing opportunities to the next generation of cyclists. Through team and event sponsorship, Legaci has been providing athletes of all ages with opportunities for both sporting and personal growth. Our interest in all that is ‘cycling’ expanded to include professional coaching and development camps. Our competitive teams, also conducted countless community bicycle safety rodeos and have thereby directly influenced over 100,000 children.

It is our genuine love for the sport that has led us to where we are today – on a mission to provide the youngest cyclists with bikes that are both fun and easy to learn to ride. Bikes that encourage young kids to develop skills while experiencing the joy that comes with the freedom of riding a bike.

Getting more kids on bikes isn’t just a concept for Legaci, it is our passion.