My first two wheeled bike had training wheels. Before that, I had a tricycle. That was more than forty years ago and as much as the world around us has changed- technologically, politically, geographically… it seems like most of us continue to fall into the tricycle trap. In recent years, however, balance bikes have grown in popularity as both parents and kids have experienced the benefits of these bikes over what has been considered more traditional ‘first bike’ choices- and kids as young as eighteen months old can ride them!

Balance bikes are a great way to get little ones on bikes and develop balance and other skills that easily transfer over to a bike with pedals. Kids learn these bikes quickly and require a relatively small space to do so. After only a few sessions on their new bikes, kids are able to accompany adults on walks around the neighborhood- or in parks- and are able to ‘keep up’ much easier than on a tricycle. It has also been my experience that kids have more fun on these bikes than they do sitting passively in a stroller.

Not long ago, a friend came to me wanting to buy a bike as birthday gift for a two-year old. After exploring the options, researching and learning about balance bikes, my friend purchased a Yedoo and was too excited to wait until the birthday party to give the bike to the little boy. Admittedly, the boy seemed to enjoy the bell on his bike more than anything else at first. Over the next few weeks, however, he learned to ride his bike and has been enjoying it ever since.

After more than thirty years in cycling, I am still excited about riding my bike. Over the years, I have been afforded so many opportunities and I have been fortunate enough to make my own contributions to the sport-both personally, and professionally through Legaci Cycling Productions . I have enjoyed time spent with cyclists of all ages and am now excited to bring these bikes to the littlest cyclists among us with the hope that they too will develop a lifelong love that can serve as a way to have fun and promote better health. To that end, I am excited to begin Legaci Bikes.

Let’s roll!